[10/2023] Payslip

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Women were targeted via their employers, and flyers were enclosed with their payslips alerting them to the changes.

The contributions were put into two different columns on the payslip.

We are looking at the present design of payslips to see whether it is possible to improve the information given.

Unfortunately variations in the manufacture of the envelopes and in the guillotining of the payslips do on occasions give rise to the difficulties mentioned.

That slip of paper could be enclosed with the payslip or sent out in any other way which suits the employer.

When the employee asked for a payslip, she was told merely that everything was in order.

I suggest that if payslips are wrong, that is part of the evidence that the absent parent will lead.

They cannot, for example, fill in forms, check payslips or give the correct change.

She told us that she was working, and, with great pride, showed us her payslip.

Millions are terrified that they may be just one payslip from redundancy.

That amount will be shown on the employee’s payslip.

So the payslip will include the deductions and the addition, and the pay going to the individual will be the sum total.

Pay, tax and net pay are shown on the payslip; then this benefit is added.

As at present, gross and net pay will appear on the payslip, as will deductions for national insurance, pensions and so on, together with the addition of the tax credit.

I thought that a person’s gross pay would be on the payslip, as would his or her tax contribution and net pay, and below that would be this benefit.

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